Gear Products & Services

At American Gear Supply we provide a wide variety of gears.

Bevel, Broaching, Helical, Double Helical, Spur, Splines, Worms and Worm Gears. Our gears are cut to
Standard 8.

Bevel Gears

36” O.D. – 1 DP/25 module – AGMA 9, 6” tooth Face, Steel/Aluminum/Bronze

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Broaching Selves

Internal Splines up to 6” Diameter using 75 ton broach with 100” stroke. Broaching for 75 ton x 100” tool lengths

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Double Helical Gears

100” O.D. x 20” face, .75 D.P.

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Helical Gears

36" O.D. x 6" face, 2 D.P.

Helical gears: 100" x 20" diameter

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O.D. Splines – 100” x 40” face x ½ D.P. I.D. Splines – 96” x 20” face x ½ D.P.

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O.D. Gears – 110” x 40” face x .75 D.P. I.D. Gears – 96” I.D. x 20” face x 1 D.P. External spur gears: to 110” diameter

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Worms & Worm Gears

80” diameter, 1 D.P., 8” face

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Gear Shaper 88-16

Fellows Shaper 88-16 
100" diameter, 1DP, 19" face

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American Gear Supply

Serving customers in 50 states and 120 countries, American Gear and Supply produces custom gears including spur, worm, bevel, helical, and splines. We also hob, shape, broach, and generate in our shop. Our products have applications in the oil and gas, marine, chemical, paper, medical, and shredding (paper & tire) industries. Parts that we made are installed all over the world.